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Happy 500th Post to TVFF
Sunday, November 11, 2007 | posted by Mike

Sorry if I indulge in a little self-congratulations, but...

We're very proud to let you know that this marks the 500th post since we started up TVFF about a year and a half ago. Gee, and it only feels like it's been 489.

Frankly, I'm just shocked that I managed to come up with 500 semi-coherent things to say about food TV. But you can rest assured that there are plenty more where they came from, so we'll be starting out the second 500 with just as much enthusiasm and fun as we had when we kicked this whole thing off.

Of course, I have to thank all of you readers out there who have suffered through enjoyed the posts and who make the whole thing worthwhile.

So, if the feeling moves you, take advantage of the nifty comments section below to leave congratulations, well-wishes, encouragement, gifts (money is always accepted...be sure to note your expiration date if you're sending along the credit card number!) or anything else.


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