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Crumbs - 4/18/07
Wednesday, April 18, 2007 | posted by Mike

When I was talking about the Food Network Awards the other day, I made mention of the fact that the only real rooting interest that I had was when it came to the best grocery store. They're all great, but Wegman's has a special place for me since it's my weekly shopping destination, although Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are places I thoroughly enjoy and go to whenever I can. Hey, I didn't even let the fact that some moron drove into the side of my car in the Wegman's parking lot cloud my judgement on this. And, as you can see from upstate NY newspapers (here) around Wegman's headquarters, they won! Good for them and their tasty Mediterranean Olive Bar.

The Phillies' ballpark also won for best stadium eats or something like that. That may end up being the highlight of their season.



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