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Six Days Until the Food Network Awards
Monday, April 09, 2007 | posted by Mike

Can you feel it?!?! That longing for the coming weekend? No, it's not your soul-crushing job. It's the fact that this week features the debut of the 2007 Food Network Awards. I'm looking forward to it on a few levels.

First, there are the commercials that FN has been running during every break for the past week. You know the ones...they feature little talking-head snippets of the personalities saying how they can open the envelope using an open flame (Bobby), some EVOO (Rachael) or a stick of butter (Guess). I'm also eagerly anticipating what this whole thing is going to look like after the reports of technical difficulties that probably made them glad this is tape-delayed and not live.

But perhaps there is nothing making me anticipate the big event more than the fact that my three favorite grocery stores are duking it out for the somewhat vague title of "Super Market." That's right -- the competition between Wegman's (my every-week grocery store), Whole Foods (best for prepared and organic foods) and Trader Joe's (great bang for your buck) has me torn over who I want to see win.

One area I will be pulling for one of the nominees over the others will be for "Best Ballpark Eats," which sees my hometown Citizens Bank Park (home of the Phillies) up for the award. Hey...they have a Tony Luke's in the stadium, so I think they should win just for that. Plus, Flying Fish on tap. Nice.

You can check out the full roster of nominees. If I wasn't too busy with moving, I'd set up a pool with fabulous prizes for the winner.



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