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Food Network Swag: The Upfronts
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 | posted by Mike

Hey, remember when I posted about the Food Network upfronts a week or so ago? I joked about being upset that I didn't score an invite to the big event, considering upfronts have a long and storied history of free-flowing liquor and (I would hope, considering it's FN) good food. Well, I'm no longer joking about being upset that I wasn't invited...check out the swag attendees got!

OK, I can't actually see all of the gifts offered to ad buyers who attended events for the Scripps Networks upfronts. But, by the looks of that bad-ass grill taken from a site for advertisers, I would imagine the selection was pretty good. In case you can't read the accompanying text, it says:

Thanks from Scripps Networks!

Please choose a gift from this catalog as our thanks for attending our 2007-2008 Upfront Event.

Below that, they have a link which takes you to a fulfillment page. The page bears the logos of all of the Scripps networks and asks for a gift code (my random typing of letters and numbers has yet to bear fruit). My guess is that they went this route rather than handing things out in person because the buyers were coming in from around the country/world(?) and wouldn't particularly appreciate having to lug a 40 lb. electric grill on the plane with them.

The fulfillment page includes some additional information:

Welcome to The Scripps Networks "Life to the Power of Five" Premium Catalog!

Scripps Networks would like to thank you for attending our 2007-2008 Upfront Presentation. As a token of our appreciation, we invite you to choose one gift from the catalog. To learn more about the Scripps Networks family of brands, we encourage you to take a few minutes to navigate our collection of Ad Sales web sites.

The "Power of Five" appears to be part of the pitch that illustrated the value to be had by purchasing time on all five of their networks, which includes DIY and Fine Living.

Anyone out there with a gift code who happens to stumble across this post should know that they need to get to the site and put in their code, because, "The deadline for redeeming gifts is midnight on June 30, 2007, when the catalog will close." I know that a lot of you are very busy, so if you don't think you'll get around to redeeming that code in time, feel free to send it along to mike@tvfoodfan.com.



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