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Giada to Host Fourth Hour of "Today?"
Tuesday, April 10, 2007 | posted by Mike

It's no surprise that the folks at the Peacock Network are thrilled with Giada De Laurentiis' appearances on Today. They initially brought her on for some food and lifestyle spots here and there, but she's quickly becoming more and more of a presence on the morning news show. But now, Page Six of the New York Post is saying that she might be the leading candidate for a hosting gig during the show's fourth hour. Specifically...

We hear that the leading candidate to co-host the fourth hour of the "Today" show in September with Tiki Barber is gorgeous Giada DeLaurentiis, the Roman-born chef from the Food Network.

Now, this is great new for Giada. It should, however, serve as a warning to any Today fans out there. Not because of Giada, but because of Tiki.

OK. As an Eagles fan, I'm not exactly the most unbiased judge of he former Giants running back. But the guy is a smug jackass.

Anyway, what would this mean for Giada, and for us as Food Network watchers? Well, I'm assuming that the show would be shot in New York, which would pose an interesting situation for the Los Angeles-based De Laurentiis. The early-morning responsibilities would conceivably keep her free to continue to work for the Food Network, as their Chelsea studios would be a short limo ride from Rockefeller Center.

After all, pulling double duty on Today and Food Network hasn't been a problem for Al Roker, so it hopefully won't prove to be an issue for Giada.



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