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Foobooz Gets Some Face Time on Food Network
Tuesday, April 01, 2008 | posted by Mike

You may remember a post a while back in which I told you about Food Network coming to Philadelphia for a soft pretzel battle. As we said at the time, soft pretzels don't get the fanfare of other local favorites like the cheesesteak and TastyKakes, but they are certainly a Philly Favorite.

(They're also a great way to keep co-workers on your good side. About once a month, I run out of the office and come back with twenty pretzels. Everyone loves it. It's money well-spent.)

Anyway, the Throwdown aired and a local blogger, Kirsten Henri, from the fantastic Philly foodie site Foobooz was one of the judges.
Yes, that was me on Throwdown! with Bobby Flay on the Food Network last night. And yes, that was me NOT voting for the Philly version of the soft pretzel, but for Bobby Flay’s surprisingly delicious alternative. Before you rabid localists start a petition to get me thrown out of the city on grounds of culinary treason, take in the whole tale.
You can get the whole story, which is really interesting. I always find it so fascinating how much goes on behind the scenes when filming television shows...even "reality" shows like this.

Oh, and Kirsten's right -- there's no way cheese sauce is an authentic Philadelphia add-on. That's wrong...just wrong.



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