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Bobby Flay Looks to Imporve His Record in the Delaware Valley
Friday, February 01, 2008 | posted by Mike

Apparently not content with his current record in the City of Brotherly Love (you'll remember his Cheesesteak and mac & cheese Throwdowns), Bobby Flay was back in TVFF's backyard for a couple more competitions, according to local media reports.

He ventured to Collingswood, New Jersey (about fifteen minutes from where I grew up) to face off over grilled cheese:

South Jersey got a shot of television glitz and glamour Monday as celebrity chef Bobby Flay came to the Pop Shop for a grilled cheese-making contest for a future episode of the Food Network's "Throwdown! With Bobby Flay."

Flay squared off against Stink and Connie Correia Fisher, co-owners of the popular Haddon Avenue eatery whose menu features 31 varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches. For the show, which is scheduled to air in the spring, the Fishers pitted their Calvert sandwich against Flay's creation, dubbed the "Five B" by one of the invited guests at the taping.

Really?!? I've never heard of this place, but I may need to check it out if they're sporting 31 types of grilled cheese!

And that wasn't his only stop. I guess the producers figured: "Since we're down there anyway..." He stopped by Drexel University to battle it out with soft pretzels:

Cameras rolled last Sunday in the Drexel Hill store. Pretzel Boy's John Howe and Tim Dever were dispatched the next day to Drexel's culinary school for an hour of shooting in front of about 50 hospitality and culinary students and faculty.

Then Bobby Flay walked in.

Snack Attack?

No, sneak attack.

Flay challenged the Boy's boys to a pretzel-making contest for his Food Network series Throwdown!

You've heard us talk quite a bit about local Philadelphia food specialties, particularly the cheesesteak, TastyKake and scrapple. But the soft pretzel is another local favorite. A product of the city's German heritage (hey, we have a section of the city called "Germantown"), the figure-eight shaped pretzels (you'll know them if you see them) are tasty and dirt cheap.



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