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Food Network to the "Rescue"
Thursday, January 31, 2008 | posted by Mike

Remember the post about my ongoing quest with a certain pasta/pork/egg dish? Although it's been a long journey, that's part of the fun. In other words, I don't want Mario showing up at my front door and walking me through it. What's the fun in that? The real reward is in the discovery.

Maybe you don't feel the same way. Maybe you just want a meatloaf that isn't as dry as a block of styrafoam. Then here you go:
Beginning this March, Food Network’s new darling, Danny Boome, is “on call” responding to the pleas of viewers hoping to overcome personal culinary obstacles with his new series, Rescue Chef. These everyday cooks welcome problem-solving chef Boome into their homes and, most importantly, their kitchens. Boome offers simple, creative solutions and unique quick-fix ideas to save the day (and the meal)! Premiering Saturday, March 1st at 12pm ET/PT, the half-hour show infuses Food Network’s successful “In the Kitchen” daytime line-up with Boome’s outgoing personality and irresistible appeal.

“Danny is a charismatic young chef who will charm viewers with his passion for cooking instruction and his energetic style in the kitchen,” said Bob Tuschman, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production for Food Network. “Rescue Chef speaks to our viewers’ real-life cooking struggles, and Danny averts their kitchen crises with humor and flair.”

From The Big Apple to The Lone Star State, Boome will “rescue” viewers across America from culinary meltdown. Whether Danny’s helping a schoolteacher recreate her wedding’s short ribs recipe for an anniversary dinner or perfecting culinary delights like Grandma’s Mexican enchiladas, crispy southern fried chicken, and authentic Thai food – each episode will guarantee supper success. Danny also encourages recipe risk-tasking with inventive ingredients to give stale meals a fresh twist.
Hang in there...moist meatloaf is only a month away!

I know what you're thinking: Hey Mike...you didn't really put much effort into this post. You basically just posted the press release.

My response: Get of my back. I'm tired and Lost is back!



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