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Big Accolades for Everything Rachael Ray Site
Wednesday, January 30, 2008 | posted by Mike

We admit that we haven't been very good about plugging our foodie blog friends of late, but we are thrilled to be able to do it today. Anyone who enjoys Rachael Ray and her various shows should be a regular reader of Everything Rachael Ray, which is run by the AMAZING Madeline. (That's her over on the left...I'm sure she's thrilled I'm posting her photo.)

If you're not a regular reader, today is a good day to start, because she's about to get some fantastic and well-deserved recognition for the time, thought and devotion that she puts into a site that covers the latest news and provides helpful reviews of RR's recipes.
I was very excited to hear from Vicky Zhou, an author and writer who offers online dating advice. She is writing a book titled "The Top 500 Blogs," which covers topics ranging from online dating to technology, lifestyle, sports, music, health and love. The books aims to be a comprehensive list of the top 500 blogs.

The Top 500 Blogs will be available on Amazon and all bookstores by the end of 2008. Everything Rachael Ray will be included in the category of "Food & Cooking," so look out for that!
Like I said, Madeline deserves every bit of praise that she gets. Congrats!

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