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That's No Way to Become a Lifestyle Guru
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 | posted by Mike

You'll remember that, last week, we linked to a story about Rachael Ray allegedly going crazy and trashing Dunkin Donuts during a photo shoot? She says: "Not so fast." She's telling OK! magazine (the credibility is evident in the exclamation point) that it was:
"Ridiculous," she said when asked about the scurrilous rumor. "It's ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous."
OK, Rach. Here's some free advice for you. Everyone has been comparing you to various other lifestyle gurus. I think you know to whom I'm alluding.

You've done a very good job of building your brand, making yourself attractive to a wide variety of viewers and diversifying your business into a number of different areas. That's fantastic.

But the problem is that you can never truly be considered a "domestic diva" until you turn on your underlings and enact a reign of terror over all that exist within your sphere of influence.

So get on it. Smack around a gofer. Browbeat a sponsor. Throw a cell phone at a PA's head.

Do SOMETHING...or you can kiss good-by your ticket to mega-riches and a 10-month stint in minimum security prison.



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