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You Never Know: My Random Encounter with a Food Personality
Thursday, September 20, 2007 | posted by Mike

It’s weird…I don’t know whether the fact that I run TV Food Fan heightens my “Spidey Sense” when it comes to matters related to food entertainment or if the fact that I and people around me randomly come across things related to the topic. Hey, it might just be the fact that food TV is so popular these days, you can’t help but happen upon it fairly regularly. Regardless of the reasons, I had one such encounter this weekend.

I’m not the most proactive gift buyer in the world. I do try to at least think things through in advance, so I’m not grasping at straws at the last minute, but the actual purchase often takes place late in the game. (Note to self: Less than one month to Mrs. TVFF’s birthday, and I don’t think that a shout-out on this site constitutes a “gift.”)

So, there I was stopping to pick up a gift for my father’s birthday while actually on the way to the cookout/party. Since my parents recently bought an ice cream maker, I wanted to pick up some whole vanilla beans to go with the ice cream cookbook that I had already purchased. After swinging and missing at the nearby Williams Sonoma, I figured I would stop at the Kitchen Kapers in Marlton, which was actually on the way.

When Mrs. TVFF and I got there, we were surprised to see that the store was using its kitchen/demonstration area for an appearance by locally famous/Oprah endorsed/Food Network semi-regular Delilah Winder, proprietrix (pretentious, I know, but I love that word) of Delilah’s in Philadelphia. You might know her for her appearances on Throwdown and Food Network Challenge, both of which featured her macaroni and cheese, which you might have heard was proclaimed by Oprah the best in all the land.

She was demonstrating a dish – presumably the macaroni and cheese, since she was saying something about al dente, I believe – to a small group of customers. It’s a shame there was such a light turnout (frankly, the store probably doesn’t receive a large amount of random walk-ins, as it’s in a traffic-heavy shopping center), because Delilah really is an engaging presence and a fun personality. Obviously, she’s on Food Network’s radar, as witnessed by the multiple appearances, and she has the Oprah seal of approval, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of her in the future.

Unfortunately, the family gathering prevented me from staying and watching the event. Who am I kidding??!?!?!? Unfortunately, the family gathering prevented me from staying and sampling the dish. Of course, her restaurant in Reading Terminal Market is only about ten blocks from the new TVFF Philadelphia Branch Office, so I’ll be able to run on down for a long lunch and get some collards to go with the macaroni and cheese.


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