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"Top Chef" Contestant Josie Beaten in Apparent Hate Crime
Wednesday, September 12, 2007 | posted by Mike

You all know that we certainly enjoy the "lighter" side of covering the world of food entertainment. But, from time to time, real life creeps in on our escapist pursuits.

Mrs. TVFF forwarded me a news story that describes the incident, which took place in Sea Cliff, New York:

A Miami woman who was a former contestant on the reality show "Top Chef" was beaten by attackers yelling anti-gay slurs, her lawyer said Tuesday.

Josie Smith-Malave, a lesbian who was featured on Season 2 of the Bravo channel show, was among a small group of women asked to leave a Sea Cliff bar over Labor Day weekend, lawyer Yetta Kurland said. About 10 young people followed the women out and began screaming anti-gay epithets, spitting on them and then beating them, Kurland said.

Fortunately, it sounds like she and her sister, who was also beaten, are OK, although one of them "received injuries to the head." There is currently an investigation underway, and the victims' lawyer is calling for the attackers to be prosecuted on hate crime charges.



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