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Jamie Oliver to Be Even More Animated Than Usual
Thursday, August 30, 2007 | posted by Mike

Kind of a cheesy title, but it fits...

Yes, the live-wire British chef is considered a caricature by some, but thanks to an alliance with Aardman Animations, the folks behind the great Wallace & Grommit series, Oliver will actually be a character in an animated series.

The show, Little J, will follow Oliver as a 10-year-old trying to find the secret to becoming a great chef.

Oliver said: "I really want to pass on a little knowledge in a fun way, to really connect to the younger kids."

As you can see, Little J is a little bit deranged looking, and it's a bit odd for him to be partying and hanging out with the animals which will inevitably end up as one of his "pukka" dishes, but that's OK.

This is an interesting new tactic in Oliver's well-publicised crusade to improve the health of the United Kingdom's schoolchildren.

How do you think kids have been reacting to having their favorite fatty foods taken away? Exactly. So this show could be an interesting way for Oliver to improve his standing with younger children in the hopes that his message about health and nutrition finds a more receptive audience.

And we all know that marketers -- of both toys and food -- have become masters of using children's programming and cartoons in particular to sell products to unsuspecting children. Believe me...I had the Transformers to prove it. So it's interesting to see someone try to turn the tables on them.



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