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Trashy Television Alert!
Monday, April 30, 2007 | posted by Mike

There are two kinds of programs on E! Entertainment Television: The trashy kind and Saturday Night Live reruns. And I'm not even sure that they still show the reruns. OK, The Soup is pretty awesome, but one thirty-minute clip show is not enough redeem an entire network.

But nothing is trashier than E!'s flagship show, True Hollywood Story. And now, one of your favorite Food Network celebrities is getting the THS treatment.

That's right, not only is THS taking on Rachael Ray. According to this article in the Jamaica Gleaner ("Your #1 Source for All Things Rachael Ray"), she actually decided to play along.

What prompted you to take such an active role in your 'E! True Hollywood Story' episode when so many others use only archival footage of the subject?

A guy who was filming it and was very involved in the show is an old, dear friend. If anyone is interested in talking to to you about your life, why not be nice about it and talk to them?

Well, that's certainly nice of her to lend a hand to an old friend. I'm also guessing that her participation will possibly soften some of the coverage in the show, particularly around her husband. I have a feeling that regular THS viewers might be disappointed, though, since most profiles of perky, bubbly stars only get interesting when they go on a week-long booze bender or join a cult.

Anyway, if you want to tune in, check it out at the times below.

Saturday, May 5, 6:00p
Sunday, May 6, 3:00a
Sunday, May 6, 9:00a
Sunday, May 6, 8:00p
Monday, May 7, 11:00a



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