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Renewal: Probable
Tuesday, April 24, 2007 | posted by Mike

Hey, it's a good time to be a British chef who likes to yell.

Gordon Ramsay will be back on American television shortly and the Food Network's resident chef/body-builder looks like he's going to re-up for another 26 episodes, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer's "Inqlings" column.

Food Network has ordered 26 more episodes of Dinner Impossible, the wacky show in which chef Robert Irvine and his two partners whip up meals in odd situations.

It's a fun show, and although it's not necessarily appointment programming in the TVFF household, it is something that always gets me to stop as I'm flipping through the channels. I think the biggest draw is that Robert Irvine seems to sincerely want to complete the mission successfully...and we get to enjoy the process because we know he might not make it. In a TV landscape where we are right to be cynical about the authenticity of "reality shows," this is a refreshing thing.

So, congratulations to the cast and crew (which the Inky points out has a distinct Philadelphia flavor). Also, here's a blast from the past: Our interview with show producer Marc Summers, which ran when the show debuted.

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