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News Flash: Giada De Laurentiis Likes to Wear Nice Clothes
Thursday, February 08, 2007 | posted by Mike

Food Network Chef/Resident Clotheshorse Giada De Laurentiis turned up today with a short profile in USA TODAY centering on her fashion sense and timed to coincide with her trip to New York for Fashion Week. More specifically, it deals with her love of designer Gilles Mendel and his J. Mendel line of clothing, which De Laurentiis says is one of her favorites. (Does Todd know this?!?!?)

Oh, and you ladies will love this part: Giada says that she has a lot of trouble finding clothes, claiming that, "I have a difficult time with clothes." Fortunately for her, J. Mendel fits her like a glove.

I have a hard time getting clothes that fit right, and for some reason the pieces I have from him, it's as if he sculpted them for me."

Mendel is modest. "I love to hear that," says the French clothier, who has dressed Heidi Klum, Laura Linney and Kyra Sedgwick.

All of you Giada-philes out there will definitely want to check out the short piece, which also features a photo of Ms. De Laurentiis trying on some of the new duds. There is a reference to Giada's fashionable family heritage, but this time it doesn't refer to her grandfather Dino. Instead, Giada got her start in the world of fashion with her grandmother, actress Silvana Mangano.

"She was an Italian movie star, and she used to go to all the high-end ones, like YSL. She took me a couple of years in a row, and I must have been 10. We'd sit in the front row and pick things out. It's so chic and sophisticated. It's so elegant."

TVFF will actually be in NYC today and not too far from the Bryant Park location of the whole Fashion Week festivities. Although we aren't particularly hopeful, we'll keep our eyes out for a petite Italian chef in nicely-fitted clothing.



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