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Tuesday, February 06, 2007 | posted by Mike

Another in our series of posts centering on TVFF's redesign.

In the post below about Lidia Bastianich's new cookbook, you might have seen a mention about how you can now buy the book from the "TV Food Fan Store." Your reaction was probably something like: "The what?"

One of the fun things that we've added to the site with the redesign is an Amazon.com storefront with books, kitchen equipment and gourmet foods that we think will be interesting to you, our readers. We make plenty of mentions about new cookbooks, general foodie books, ingredients and techniques during our posts about food television. Now, we're able to link directly to those products in the post and on the right side of the main page. In addition, you can click on the box in the upper right to browse a whole bunch of other items, including tons and tons of cookbooks from TV chefs. You can browse the full listing by clicking on the navigation on the left side of the store.

And, just because something isn't listed as a featured item doesn't mean you can't get it from us. You can search all of Amazon.com's listing from the box on the right or by clicking on the "Go to Amazon.com" link in the storefront. We get credited for those purchase, too.

You get your items from Amazon.com or one of their partners. This means you have the security of shopping from a trusted company, plus you get the low prices and free shipping (on purchases over $25...check the fine print) and no sales tax (again, check the fine print). Plus, it gives you a chance to support TV Food Fan because we do get a nice little referral fee!

So, if you see something that catches your eye, or if you just need to order something from Amazon.com, we hope you'll consider shopping through the TV Food Fan Store.


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