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Did The London NYC Hotel Scrub Gordon Ramsay's NYT Review?
Friday, February 02, 2007 | posted by Mike

Gordon RamsayOn of the joys of traveling for work is waking up in the morning and having the USAToday delivered right outside my door. I like it because I get my news exclusively from cartoonish graphs and full-page, colorful weather maps.

But the guests at The London NYC hotel, the home of Gordon Ramsay's New York restaurant, were in for a rude awakening the other day when they reached for their complimentary copy of The New York Times.

Word comes to us from a scoop at Eater.com via a subsequent post at Boing Boing. According to someone who knew a guest at the hotel on the day that the review was in the Times, the Dining section was suspiciously missing from the morning's edition.

"As it happens, my husband had a business lunch there today. The meal was precisely as described. The only unexpected thing: all of the Dining sections had been taken out of all of the newspapers in the hotel. Gone, done, vanished."

I'm not exactly sure what they were hoping to accomplish by doing this. Likely, anyone who had reservations wasn't about to cancel them due to Frank Bruni's disappointing review. And weren't they aware that someone was going to say something about this and that they'd come off looking petty and foolish? This is a case where someone at the hotel who handles their publicity should have stepped in and told them to leave it in the paper. The restaurant and the hotel are not going to live or die by the review being read by the couple of hundred guests in the rooms. They will, however, take a hit for looking like a goofball.



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