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The Next Food Network Star Will Be...
Monday, January 29, 2007 | posted by Mike

The Next Food Network StarIt's that time of year again! We have a full rundown of the contestants for the new season of The Next Food Network Star. Madeline over at my other hangout, Edible TV, has a story up with a full list, which I've helpfully cut and pasted below. Be sure to check out her article, though, for some info on the winner of the online voting and how Madeline caught a whole bunch of flak when she got into a discussion in the comments section of a previous post.
Vivien Cunha, 39 (Winnetka, CA) Chef and actress
Amy Finley, 32 (La Mesa, CA) Caterer and freelance writer
Josh Garcia, 25 (Havelock, NC) Chef de Cuisine
Tommy Grella, 33 (Methuen, MA) Certified Financial Planner
Colombe Jacobsen, 28 (New York, NY) Private chef and exercise instructor, also the FoodNetwork.com finalist
Paul McCullough, 36 (Los Angeles, CA) Private chef and caterer
Patrick Rolfe, 32 (Lake Forest Park, WA) Chef
Michael Salmon, 52 (Brooklyn, NY) General Manager of two New York-based restaurants
Rory Schepisi, 30 (Vega, TX) Restaurant owner
Adrien Sharp, 29 (Jackson, MI) Domestic Uniform Delivery and part-time local TV host.
Nikki Shaw, 38 (Manhattan Beach, CA) Caterer and wife of former LA Lakers player, Brian Shaw

My thoughts? Well, there's the token "older guy" (Michael) that has become a bit cliche on cooking shows and someone (Tommy) who looks like he has no formal experience in food, which they like to throw in to make people like you and me think we should be doing something more in our kitchens than Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Although the contestants here can get a little on the annoying side, they don't nearly evoke the kind of anger and loathing that Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen competitors do. Of course that's because FN is looking for someone who is both likeable and can cook.

Reality TV Magazine, which ran the original piece referenced in the Edible TV post, says that we can expect a new season of TNFNS on June 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Personally, I'm rooting for the wife of the former professional basketball player because that's the kind of person who could really use a break in life.



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