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Crumbs - 1/24/07
Wednesday, January 24, 2007 | posted by Mike

I want to thank you all for making the week so far some of the highest-traffic days in TVFF.com history! Although overall traffic has been through the roof, only 5% of our visitors have submitted entries for the Cookbook Giveaway. Now, somebody is going to win a copy of Dave's Dinners, and you have as good a chance as anyone. So, make sure you're sending in the recipes. Also, everyone who has sent in a recipe should have gotten a response (only one, I'm only replying to your first entry). If you haven't heard back from me, let me know at mike@tvfoodfan.com and we'll figure it out.

On to other business. Ideal journalistic protocol states that you should correct a factual error in a location with as much prominence as where the error was originally made. In this space last week, we recommended that you go to the fantastic site deglazing.com, which is run by Nicky. It has been brought to our attention that, despite our reckless use of the pronouns "he" and "his," Nicky is in fact a woman. We regret the error.




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