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Completely Unfounded Rumor Alert: A Rachael Ray Tirade
Wednesday, January 24, 2007 | posted by Mike

Rachael RayIt's a well known fact that, if something appears on TMZ.com, it has to be true. Right? I mean, all those stories about Tara Reid and Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan gave me so much respect for their journalistic integrity.

Well, today they're delving into the seamy underbelly of food TV with a report attributed to the always-popular "sources" that Rachael Ray made some extremely unflattering (and racially charged) comments about her boss Oprah Winfrey, throwing in some insults about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for good measure.

The incident allegedly happened at a mall restaurant after one of Rachael's book signings. The article says it was on December 3, "2005," but either that's a misprint that should read "2006" or this is something that is being conveniently dredged up now that her show has led to greater exposure. (The story was posted this morning)

They sat in a booth in the far right rear of the restaurant. Ray ordered fish and complained to the table it was dry. She was also drinking red wine and lots of it -- one source says a minimum of four big glasses.

We're told Ray became "extremely loud and aggressive," and began dissing Oprah. Sources say she told the group about a portrait of Oprah that sits in the lobby of Harpo Productions in Chicago. It's from the movie "Beloved" and shows Winfrey's back, enhanced with scars. She's also wearing a skirt from the slavery era.

Back at the table, sources say Ray launched into attack mode: "Why is she wearing slave drag? She obviously has problems being black."

I'm not necessarily recommending it, but you can follow the link above to the full report, which includes the full run-down of the insults, including some language you probably wouldn't want to share with your pre-teen kids.

Not surprisingly, Ray's representatives completely deny that she said any of those things, and claim that others who were at the meal back up her story.

Of course, with unattributed sources on one side and blanket denials on the other, unless there is an audio tape floating around, we'll never know the absolute truth. Those with an axe to grind will likely believe she did it (although, I have to say, that's completely out of character for her). Personally, I would strongly caution putting too much faith in a report with such flimsy reportage.

I will say that one commenter on the board provided the most insightful commentary, though:

That is totally disgusting.
What a horrible thing to do . How could she have red wine with fish. Gross.



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