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M'm! M'm! Duff!
Wednesday, January 17, 2007 | posted by Mike

With Ace of Cakes gearing up for Season 2, promotion for the new episodes (beginning tomorrow, January 18th) is also going into overdrive.

There is a piece over at food network addict that talks about the show's big push of online advertising and the partnership with YouTube.

Ace is also joining up with Campbell's for a promotional campaign. I'm still not absolutely sure what connection there is between Ace and Campbell's (umm...they do make Pepperidge Farm), so I'll leave that to smarter marketers than myself.

Hmmm, this post seems a bit skimpy. I think it could use some....MANTHORNE!

We've talked about our man-crush on Charm City Cakes sous chef Geoff Manthorne before. And, judging by the number of people who come to TVFF.com via a Google search on him, plenty of you like him, too.

(ed. note: Ummmm....disregard the info below...Yuengling comes from Pottsville. Of course, none of this makes Geoff or Yuengling any less cool.) The clickable cast photo currently on the show's page makes me like him even more (is that possible?!?). Go ahead, click on his photo and check out his hometown.

You have to love any place that brings us both Mr. Geoffrey Manthorne and Yuengling.



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