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Social Bookmarking Feature: Can You Digg It?
Thursday, February 08, 2007 | posted by Mike

Another look at one of our new features.

The kids these days...they love them some Web 2.0. Even if you don't know it, you do, too.

In case you're not down with the lingo, "Web 2.0" is the term that people are using for some of the more "interactive" and "social" aspects of the Internet. Blogs, wikis, MySpace and a whole bunch of other stuff like that. (Anyone out there with teenage kids or older should feel free to blow their minds by telling them that you're a regular blog reader.)

One of the more popular applications that falls under this heading it social bookmarking. These services, with names like Digg and del.icio.us, allow users to find information on websites, save the page to their personal accounts and share the things they think are interesting with others. Theoretically, you would see a cool post on TVFF, save it to your bookmarking tool and the way you tag it (with terms like "food" and "TV chef" and whatnot) would allow other users with similar interests to find it, too. I use both services from time to time...they're not for everyone, but dedicated users swear by them.

And this brings us to those funny little pictures at the bottom of our posts. Those icons, including the little guy with the shovel (Digg...get it?!?!) allow users to click on the image and save that particular post directly to their account, no cutting and pasting of the URL. So, if you're a user of any one of these services, please feel free to share the things you think are interesting with everyone by making full use of those links.

If your service is not among those pictured, you can click on the "Other Services" for the one that you use. If you're a regular user and have a particular service that you think should be added to the icon list, be sure to let me know in the comments and I will have it added.

I hope that you find this new feature useful and that it helps you get even more out of your trips to TV Food Fan!


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