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It's So Lifelike...You Can Almost Smell the EVOO
Tuesday, February 20, 2007 | posted by Mike

We all know that it can be tough to score tickets to a taping of Rachael Ray's talk show, but you still might be able to get a chance to see the culinary star on your next trip to New York City. That is, of course, if you're willing to settle for a wax stand-in.

Madame Tussuad's New York, which I've walked past many times but never even remotely considered entering, will be unveiling a wax figure of Rachael Ray. Aiding in the festivities will be Ms. Ray herself, leading to the inevitable side-by-side photograph and the HILARIOUS "the wax one is on the left" captions. Can't wait for that.

Not only will the figure be Rachael's spitting image. The museum will also be adding an installation to exhibit Rachael in her native habitat:

Rachael’s wax figure stands in a replica of the brightly colored kitchen from her hit syndicated daily daytime show. The figure holds a coffee mug and is wearing a red wrap dress, brown tank top, horseshoe diamond necklace and tall farylrobin brown boots. Madame Tussauds visitors will be able to get into the kitchen and stand next to and take photos with Rachael’s figure.

The whole event will be taking place tomorrow, February 21st from 5:30-6:00. We'll see if we can track down some photos of the festivites. As always, anyone who manages to get their picture taken with Rachael (either the real one or the replica) and would like to share it, be sure to send them along to mike@tvfoodfan.com.



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