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Lookin' Good: Mario Batali Has a New Website
Saturday, February 17, 2007 | posted by Mike

When it comes to websites, TV chefs possess a somewhat spotty record. Some are pretty darn good and some could use some work. Seriously, if Giada doesn't do something with hers soon, I'm going to redesign it for her.

Although Mario's old site was nothing to sneeze at, the new one, which launched recently with a complete redesign and some neat new features, is a real cut above. The new look was designed by a web firm called Whiteboard Labs and features a black and (shocker!) orange color scheme and content that covers Mario's appearances, books, restaurants and endorsed products, as well as general information about Italian cuisine.

A press release from Witeboard announcing the launch of the site give some details on some of the new parts of the site.

His Web site, as with all Whiteboard Lab-created sites, has progressive features, such as a tour of Italy and music picks.

In the virtual Italian vacation, visitors can explore the country by region. No passport required; thats because Whiteboard Labs engages cyber travelers with an interactive map and listing. So, with one click, visitors can discover details of a regions native wines and foods, along with a favorite recipe by Batali.

The Web site goes beyond food and wine pairings with a trifectta of sensory pleasure. Whiteboard Labs allows visitors to voyeuristically download Batalis favorite music tunes.

OK...we'll talk about a couple of the new sections in an upcoming post or two, and I will particularly want to take a look at the music that Mario recommends.

But the Explore Italy section is especially interesting. Users can click on the regions of Italy, get some photos and a description of the region, along with common ingredients, recipes and regional wines, which you can also purchase. The writing features Mario's usual flair for language, and if he didn't write all of it himself, his agency did a great job of capturing his voice.

Just as we did when Tyler Florence rolled out his new site, we at TVFF give Mario a big "thumbs up" for having a site that captures the personality of its subject, along with some technology and content that gives the visitor a reason to come back time and again.



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