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Nelly Passes to Bobby Flay for Three. Yes!
Monday, February 12, 2007 | posted by Mike

Some times TVFF gets news from the Associated Press. Some times we get it from The New York Times. This story comes to us via a news dispatch from Weirdsville.

Tune in to ESPN at 7:00 p.m. ET on Friday, February 16th to see what Bobby Flay looks like in shorts and a tank top.

If you follow sports at all, you know that an All-Star game is never just an All-Star game any more. There are days and days of fan festivals, skills competitions and the like, and the fact that the NBA is holding their All-Star inLas Vegas this year only adds to the hype and hoopla.

In addition to the dunk contest and the 3-point shooting contest, the NBA has been including a celebrity game featuring stars of stage, screen and, apparently, kitchen. NBA.com has the news:
Academy Award™-winning actor Jamie Foxx (Ray) Grammy™ Award-winning entertainer Nelly, Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile), actor David Arquette (“In Case of Emergency”), actor James Denton (“Desperate Housewives”), and the Food Network’s Bobby Flay (“Throwdown with Bobby Flay”) are among 18 celebrities who will compete in the McDonald’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game presented by 2K Sports, in association with T-Mobile USA, as part of NBA All-Star 2007 in Las Vegas.

Now, what's weird about this whole thing isn't the fact that Bobby is playing in a celebrity basketball game. He appears to be in pretty good shape (although standing next to Mario on Iron Chef America will make anyone look svelte) and very well may possess, ask the kids say, "mad skillz." What's truly crazy about this whole thing is that Bobby won't be the red-headest redhead on his own team. I can just hear the announcer now:

"And starting at small forward...from the University of the Improv...Carrot Top!"

That's right. Prop comedian extraordinaire Carrot Top will be one of Bobby's teammates. February 16th can't get here soon enough.



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