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Rachael Ray's Talk Show Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much
Thursday, February 15, 2007 | posted by Mike

Hey, it's been a while since we've checked in with a post about one of our favorite food TV bloggers, Madeline over at Everything Rachael Ray.

We at TV Food Fan pride ourselves at covering the world of culinary television and bringing some depth to your enjoyment of this type of programming. But, when it comes to covering the exploits of Ms. Ray, TVFF is a kiddie pool and ERR is the Pacific Ocean.

Sometimes we're on the same wavelength, like when we both ran a story on the proclaimed stability of the Ray-Cusimano union.

But the great thing about ERR is that she keeps tabs on ALL aspects of Rachael's career. Case in point is today's update on the ratings success of Ray's talk show. First, she points out that Rachael has outlasted all of her fellow rookie gabbers:

Rachael Ray's talk show is the only one left standing from this year's freshman class. She started the season with three other syndicated talk shows: The Dr. Keith Ablow Show, The Megan Mullally Show and the Greg Behrendt Show. All three of her companions have now been cancelled.

Now, it may not be the world's greatest accomplishment to beat out the woman with the annoying voice from Will & Grace and two guys I've never hear of before.

But Madeline points out that Rachael is also holding her own agains the veterans of the talk show wars:

She is the only one with decent ratings among the new talk shows, but all the daytime talk shows are taking hits these days. Here's a list of the ratings so you can see how Rachael's doing:

Oprah: 9.5 million viewers
Dr. Phil: 7.212 million
Live! With Regis and Kelly: 4.832 million
Maury Povich: 3.537 million
Ellen Degeneres: 3.374 million
Rachael Ray: 2.903 million
Jerry Springer: 2.543 million
Montel: 2.47 million
Tyra Banks: 1.978 million
Martha Stewart: 1.839 million
Megan Mullally Show: 1.041 million
Greg Behrendt Show: 1.046 million
Dr. Keith Ablow Show: 1.442 million

Hey...she's beating Jerry Springer and she doesn't even feature "Who is My Baby's Daddy?" fistfights. Way to go Rach...don't ever compromise your high standards!



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