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Dave Lieberman Is a Bud Man
Monday, February 19, 2007 | posted by Mike

What's up with Food Network personalities and beer companies these days?

First, we had Alton Brown hooking up with Miller Lite, much to the dismay of -- well -- just about everyone.

Now it looks like FN's favorite "young and hungry" chef is a little "young and thirsty." According to an article in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, Dave Lieberman will be contributing content to an Anheuser-Busch website. Actually, to be more accurate, Dave will be part of the "Here's to Beer" website, which you can check out at www.herestobeer.com. According to the Post-Dispatch article:

The country's largest brewer began the campaign last year in an effort to promote beer in general rather than market its own brands. A-B set up a website, www.HeresToBeer.com, and ran a series of television ads.

If you like beer (and who doesn't!?!?), you should check out the site. It isn't tied to any of the A-B brands and it spends quite a bit of time talking about the types of beer that aren't even made by the company. There is some good stuff there.

This sort of awareness advertising isn't that uncommon with other industries or even with other foods (think about the "Beef...It's What's for Dinner" campaign), where the idea is to raise general awareness about a product without pitching a particular brand. My guess is that the folks at A-B sensed a gap in the credibility of beer when compared to more "respectable" drinks like wine.

Beer aficionados (such as myself) know that beer has as broad a range of tastes and nuances as wine and that, just like wine, there is an art and a science to matching the proper beer with food. This is covered in the "Beer and Food" area of the site, and it brings us to Dave's involvement.

Dave Lieberman, a Food Network chef, will appear in video clips, dishing out tips on combining beer and food.

While we're on the topic...there will be more beer-related TV Food Fan info coming down the pike soon.



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