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Tyler Florence's Spiffy New Site
Friday, December 29, 2006 | posted by Mike

Tyler FlorenceAbout a month ago, I mentioned that Tyler Florence's website was just a placeholder and wondered, "how cutting-edge the Tyler Florence site is once it’s launched." Well, now I don't have to wonder any more.

During my matrimonially-induced haze, I missed the launch of the snazzy, new TylerFlorence.com. Unlike the current version of TVFF.com, it features an interesting visual design, music and various other multimedia components. Then again, I'm guessing Tyler.com's operating budget is a bit higher than TVFF.com's.

Thanks to the Flash interface, I can't send you links to the various interesting bits, but if you poke around, you'll find the usual complment of recipes, press appearances, schedule and links to cookbooks and other endorsements.

Also highlighted on the site is a link to Tyler's spot on the (relatively) new AOL Food website. The site features large videos of Florence preparing a number of different dishes, and the production and technical quality on the spots is really nice. Also on the site is a link to Tyler's blog.

The blog is surprisingly personal, with more than just the usual recipe entries and "be sure to tune in" promos. There is a write-up of Florence's trip to his son's school to teach them about measuring and even a photo from his recent wedding.

Hey, what kind of goofball puts a photo from his wedding up on a food blog? Oh...never mind.

After seeing him appear in the Applebee's promotion that featured a strong online component and the Food Network Holiday Menu Planner, Tyler's personal foray into building an interactive presence certainly ranks him up at the top of the list of food TV personalities when it comes to taking advantage of the Internet.



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