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The Tyler Florence Video Player: Up and Running
Saturday, November 25, 2006 | posted by Mike

We had a post a week or two back about a new, customizable video player with content featuring Tyler Florence. We also noticed that it didn’t appear to be on the site, so we were wondering where it might be, especially since it was a “Holiday Menu Planner” and the season of “Holiday Menus” was rapidly approaching.

Well, wonder no more. We were checking out some Food Network programming and saw a commercial for the player. Sure enough, it’s up on the FN site and available at from the home page.

It’s actually pretty darn cool, with the ability to choose multiple items from the menu, add them to your viewing list and print out the recipes. The whole thing is in one big Flash player, so it runs smoothly and the video looks very nice.

Between this project and the online videos that were part of the Applebee’s new menu, Tyler Florence is really out in front when it comes to using online video. There is a website registered under “tylerflorence.com,” but it has a placeholder and a “Tyfood Media” logo (not to be confused with “Typhoid Media” which, as Alton would say, is definitely not good eats), so it will be interesting how cutting-edge the Tyler Florence site is once it’s launched.

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