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The First Word on Gordon Ramsay at the London?
Tuesday, November 21, 2006 | posted by Mike

Last week, we mentioned that Gordon Ramsay’s aptly titled Gordon Ramsay at the London was opening and that we would do our best to track down the word on the street once it got out.

Well, we came across our first review of the restaurant on the Bloomberg site and the verdict is…


OK, to be fair, the writer does go into a little bit of detail about the food that was served, although the bulk of the article is dedicated to the décor, the staff and the general vibe from those in the dining room. Fish dominated the menu, and the reviewer went with the flow.
We tried appetizers of pan-fried mullet with grapefruit, lobster ravioli in a chervil veloute, and entrees of braised halibut stuffed with smoked salmon and red-wine-poached "line-caught'' turbot on pomme puree with leeks, braised salsify and civet sauce.
Although the restaurant boasts both a casual and a formal dining area, but don’t let the word “casual” fool you.
The London Bar serves small, tapas-style dishes, which is why I'm still pondering my $262 bill for two for a "casual dining and bar experience" -- as Ramsay's Web site describes it. That's only $22 less than my next night's meal in the formal dining room.
Of course, unless you already have a reservation, you won’t be sampling Chef Ramsay’s food until well into the new year. Chances are the next season of Hell’s Kitchen will debut before you or I get a table at Gordon Ramsay.



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