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"Giada vs. Rachael" Provides Huge Numbers for Food Network...and TVFoodFan.com.
Wednesday, November 15, 2006 | posted by Mike

Food NetworkA big congratulations go out to the guys and gals at Food Network for a record-breaking night with Sunday’s Iron Chef America featuring Batali & Ray vs. Flay & De Laurentiis. Variety brings us word that the special presentation tallied an all-time high rating for FN of 5.8 million viewers. The numbers were better than anything else on cable and even topped broadcast network The CW.

It was also an impressive performer in FN’s target demographic:
Showing ranks as the most-watched telecast ever among Food's target adults 25-54 demo. Among adults 18-49, 9 p.m. episode delivered a big 2.6 million.
Does this mean that we’ll see more match-ups like this in the future? I wouldn’t be surprised. Television networks are never bashful about running with something that works…remember five nights per week of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? So maybe we’ll see Paula and Emeril and Ina and Tyler and so on and so forth until the idea runs out of steam and we get to witness what will become Food Network’s lowest rated show of all time:
Marc Summers vs. Jim O’Conner in Battle: Microwave Popcorn
Not coincidentally, TVFF.com also had a banner day on Monday, with plenty of people coming to the site for info on the match-up, giving us a new one-day traffic record by a large margin. We hope that many of you first-timers decide to stick around for a little while and make yourselves at home.

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