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Food Network "Room Service" at Select Hilton Hotels
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 | posted by Mike

I was on a business trip to Philadelphia a few weeks back and it just happened to be during the week that The Hungry Detective was running its Philadelphia episode. Spooky, I know!

Anyway, I wanted to review that episode right away and was hoping that they would have the Food Network on the hotel cable system, but no dice. I had to wait until I got home and watched it on tape. (I’m still too cheap to spring for TiVo)

Well, I’m still not sure if this means I’ll get to watch Food Network on my next trip, but FN and Hilton Hotels have announced a new program to entice foodie travelers. The “Food Network Travel Package” will be offered at 11 Hilton locations around the United States. What, exactly, is included in the package?
At the participating properties, guests can experience a customized regionally inspired, four-course tasting menu specially created by the hotel’s Executive Chef. Guests of legal drinking age can enjoy wine pairings chosen by the wine steward or sommelier. Upon check-in, guests will receive a Food Network welcome package including a Food Network tote, cookbook, restaurant guide, and a Food Network DVD of their travel shows.
The fact that the Food Network is getting involved in travel is not terribly surprising. As the press release states, there are a number of culinary/travel shows on the network and a fairly robust travel section on the FN web site. Also, it is able to leverage a bit of travel content through its sister network, Fine Living, so it’s a smart fit.

The package is available at a number of prime vacation and travel destinations.
The “Food Network Travel Package” is available at the following Hilton Hotel properties: New York - The New York Hilton; Los Angeles - The Beverly Hilton and Hilton Costa Mesa; Chicago - Hilton Chicago; San Francisco - Hilton San Francisco; Honolulu - Hilton Hawaiian Village (Oahu); New Orleans - Hilton New Orleans Riverside; Austin - Hilton Austin; Atlanta - Hilton Atlanta; Boston - Hilton Back Bay; and in Arizona - Hilton Sedona.
No sign of the specials on the Hilton.com web site yet, but keep an eye out if you have travel plans for one of the cities above.



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