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Why Does Rocco DiSpirito Have a Column on TheStreet.com?
Tuesday, November 07, 2006 | posted by Mike

Rocco DiSpiritoAnd why do so many of my post titles end in question marks? I don’t know.

TheStreet.com is a web site dedicated to investment news and was founded by Jim Cramer, a.k.a the guy who yells all the time about stocks on CNBC. (We at TVFF.com actually like Jim because we find the yelling reasonably funny, he once appeared on Arrested Development and he used to be a vendor at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium).

Anyway, it’s not the place you would expect to find a column from a celebrity chef, particularly one who had the business sense to engage in a mutual crash-and-burn with partner Jeffrey Chodorow on The Restaurant. I prefer to take my financial advice from someone who doesn’t get thrown out of the restaurant bearing his name, but maybe that’s just me.

So why is Rocco on TheStreet.com? We wondered the same thing when we commented on something from the column in our Crumbs post last week. And, frankly, we still don’t know why.

Rocco shares the admittedly touching story of the passing of his uncle Joe and the repercussions the event had on him and his family. The article focuses on “la dolce vita” and is generally life-affirming in that “do it while you still have the time” lesson that you get from watching a Frank Capra movie. Rocco didn’t get around to the food angle until late in the story, when he shares his uncle’s sausage recipe. By the way…not that you ask, but making sausages at home sounds like a FANTASTIC idea, and one that has zero chance of ever happening in my kitchen.

But, still, why is this here and not just on Rocco’s site? Ahhhhhh…we get to it at the very end:
Note: Rocco is shooting his new TV show, and he's looking for people with a dramatic situation in their lives involving food. Worried about that engagement dinner with your picky future mother-in-law? Trying to win back that ex-girlfriend who's still mad at you for cheating on her? Trying to bury the hatchet with that outcast uncle at your family reunion cookout? Rocco wants to help you! Please email with your problem and we will contact you!
Of course! What’s that saying again? “Out of sight…out of mind?” Gotta let everyone know you’re still around, I guess.



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