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Is Gordon Ramsay Trying to Sell You Lousy Chocolate?
Thursday, November 02, 2006 | posted by Mike

Gordon RamsayIt looks like he is, according to a post on Slashfood and according to, well, Gordo himself.
Gordon Ramsay, for example, doesn't seem to think that his new line of chocolates, called Just Desserts, are anything special. He said "I don't think you are going to be blown away at £3.99-odd for a box."
The post starts out with an interesting line, particularly when you think about all of the sponsorships, agreements and endorsements that we’re seeing with food celebrities. It asks, “How can you tell when a celebrity is doing something just for the money?” That’s a fair point, but we’ve already documented the fact that Ramsay is insanely rich. So why would he risk his credibility by attaching his name to a sub-par product?

Then, we thought, “Hey! He’s just saying that to drum up controversy…and sales!” Surely, a BRILLIANT observation on our part, until we remembered that he basically said that the candy stinks, and that’s really not the best way to reel people in. Although some may say that any publicity is good publicity, our guess is that “It’s $#*% Awful!” isn’t the kind of press they’re looking to get.

So, in the end, it looks like Gordo signed the paper and then got around to tasting the chocolate. If you think about it, he’s probably doing the smart thing by distancing himself from a bad product. After all, Gordon Ramsay is nothing if not a shrewd businessman.



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