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Apparently, It’s the New "Black"
Tuesday, October 31, 2006 | posted by Mike

Iron Chef AmericaThe Village Voice is the official arbiter of what is trendy, hip and cosmopolitan (at least we assume that, we don’t read it). So, when they weigh in with a headline like “Being Nice to Rachael Ray is so Trendy,” maybe there is something there!

Actually, not so much. The post is just a rehash of a couple of recent articles, one in Slate and one in The New York Times cutting Rachael some slack for being, by her own admission, “not a gourmet chef.”

So, why the post? Because it gives me an excuse to bring up the fact that they’ve been running spots on the Food Network for the Rachael & Mario vs. Giada & Bobby tag-team match up on Iron Chef America! The showdown is set for November 12th and it looks like all of the participants are having a grand old time in the commercials. If nothing else, it will be fun to watch Mario stare blankly at Rachael when she asks him to pass the EVOO.

One quibble. Bobby, Mario and Giada are all sporting the silk jackets, but Rachael is in some sort of black get-up. What’s the deal? I know she’s “not a gourmet chef,” but you would have thought they would have given her something that doesn’t scream “I’m the one who didn’t attend culinary school!”

Hey…could be worse, she could have worn the outfit pictured in the Village Voice post.

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