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Alton Brown, Literary Critic?
Sunday, November 05, 2006 | posted by Mike

Alton BrownYou’ll have to excuse me if my posts are even less coherent than usual. I’m still recovering from my bachelor party this weekend. The shindig did have a culinary aspect, though, with a stop at Tony Luke’s for cheesesteaks included in the trip.

I was taking a spin around the Internets and dropped in on Alton Brown’s site, which I think is one of the better food celeb sites. Not only does it look good, but Alton and his team clearly care about it, taking the time to provide interesting content that can only be found on the site. Plus, you can buy Uni-tasker t-shirts, so that’s cool.

But the thing that caught my eye this time around was the inclusion of a “What I’m Reading” page, which includes links to four books and a short write-up on each by AB. And, lest you think that it’s just food-related reading, he includes Moby Dick and Watchmen.

Of course, there are links to Amazon.com so you can buy the books. That’s not out of the ordinary for sites, but I just thought it was interesting that Alton went beyond just linking to his own books.



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