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Martha, Rachael in Manilow Tug-o-War!
Friday, November 03, 2006 | posted by Mike

Barry ManilowAt the risk of straying too far from our official mission of food television, we wanted to share some info about the growing rift between former inmate Martha Stewart and talk-show neophyte Rachael Ray.

You may remember from a while back that there was an incident wherein some of Martha Stewart’s cronies (sorry…when you’ve served time in the big house, your assistants must, by law, be labeled as either cronies or henchmen) crashed a taping of Rachael’s show. Actually, you might not remember this because we seemed to have missed covering it…but Madeline at Everything Rachael Ray was on the case.

Anyway, the dueling domestic divas are at it again over the scheduling of an appearance by the preternaturally young-looking Barry Manilow. Apparently, Martha was supposed to have him on Thursday and Rachael on Friday, but his appearance on RR got moved up and aired at the same time (at least in NY). Not taking kindly to the maneuver, Martha took a shot at Rachael in her monologue. The story is getting coverage in a couple of spots, but the post at TMZ.com has the video. (At least it says it does…we couldn’t get it to work because we either lack the proper media player or we’re just plain stoopid.)



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