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Friday Happy Fun Time – 11/10/06
Friday, November 10, 2006 | posted by Mike

We haven’t had a FHFT in quite some time.

I also haven’t done this in a while, but just like PBS had its pledge drives and political parties have their get-out-the-vote efforts that come around every so often, I’m going to ask all of you who enjoy reading TVFoodFan.com to take a moment and mention the site to one of your foodie friends who doesn’t know about us. I’m thrilled with the growth of the site and I’m thankful to all of our “regulars,” but I’d love to see us grow even more.

Our “regulars” know that I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain. He obviously knows his food inside and out, but that’s not what makes him interesting. It’s his point of view, his willingness to state said opinion anywhere and everywhere he can and his tremendously funny prose. Seriously, if there were a food comedy show, he’d be the perfect writer. (Actually, there was a food comedy show…and it was based on his book! Kitchen Confidential was pretty good…right up until FOX cancelled it. Sigh.)

That wit is on display in the video below, taken from an appearance in Santa Monica some time back. He’s reading from The Nasty Bits and the piece is about a visit to a pub and the disastrous effects of seeing the menu on the wall. Credit for the video goes to starbright31, whoever that is.

The topic of conversation in the clip is fine, but the language gets R-rated once or twice, so consider yourself NSFW’d.



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