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Tyler Florence's Applebee's Site
Wednesday, October 04, 2006 | posted by Mike

Huge FlavorWe’ve been seeing plenty of commercials lately for the new Applebee’s/Tyler Florence partnership. Seeing these spots made us thing two things: (1) It looks like Tyler came up with some interesting dishes and (2) it also looks like Tyler did plenty taste-testing while putting together the menu. (We kid because we love!)

Of course, any advertising campaign worth its salt these days has a web component, and the Tyler Florence spots are no different. Applebee’s has just launched Huge Flavor, a mini-site located off of the main Applebee’s site that, according to the folks behind the campaign, “aims to introduce people to Tyler, let them understand a bit about his background as a chef, and
understand the relationship with Applebee's.”

The site is done in Flash and features plenty of moving parts, with a number of video spots, including the commercials that have been showing on television. You can check out descriptions and close-up shots of the four dishes that are now on the menu. The site design is very nice, the video runs pretty smoothly and the ability to click on video chapter titles and graphics of the dishes themselves encourage exploration.

There are a bunch of other video vignettes on the site, and one of the focuses is the variety of ingredients that went into creating the dishes. When we talked about it a while back, I mentioned that the opportunity afforded by a project like this was to have a respected chef bring interesting dishes with more challenging ingredient combinations to a restaurant-going public that otherwise might not try them.

If the aim of the campaign is to entice non-foodies with interesting dishes while at the same time assure Tyler’s existing fans that they’re getting something sophisticated from the respected chef they already know, the site does a good job of addressing both audiences.



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