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"Kitchen Nightmares" Coming to Our Side of the Pond?
Thursday, December 28, 2006 | posted by Mike

Gordon RamsayFrom time to time, I've lamented the lack of BBC America in the TVFF.com household. The main reason for this is the fact that I've always heard good things about Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, a show that features the internationally known chef dropping in on a small restaurant owner in an attempt to give the poor shlub's place the makeover it needs to be successful. The clips I've seen have left me wanting more...and I continue to want

because of Cablevision's decision not to include BBC America among the 749 channels I get. I also don't get NFL Network, but that's a post for a different blog.

Although I have heard of no plans to add BBC America to my cable roster, we did get a tidbit of info about Kitchen Nightmares coming to US television. According to the site TV with MeeVee, there is a casting call out for restaurant owners who are interested in a makeover courtesy of Fox Television and Gordon Ramsay:

Fox TV and Chef Gordon Ramsay are now casting a new reality show, Kitchen Nightmares. The award-winning chef, culinary expert, and television personality is searching for restaurants in need of resuscitation. Chef Ramsay is offering his world-famous techniques and management secrets to help turn your business into a profitable and lasting success!

The piece is a bit vague, but I'm assuming it is an American version since it refers to it as a "new reality show." Also, it's a bit weird because they include a link an an e-mail address of the "producers," but the address is actually owned by a company that helps people get cast on reality shows and their site has no mention of KN (although they do have a call for Hell's Kitchen 3 applicants).

Sorry to be so vague about the whole thing, but we'll know more once we hear somthing official from either Fox or Ramsay.



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