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Who is “Ace of Cakes?”
Tuesday, August 01, 2006 | posted by Mike

Or should it be what is “Ace of Cakes.” Whatever.

Since the Food Network runs on a rolling premier schedule, we’re averaging a new show debut every week and a half these days. Next in the hopper is “Ace of Cakes,” which will hit the airwaves on August 17.

The promo ads haven’t gone into too much detail, but there seems to be pastries and power tools involved. TVFF.com’s crack research department (i.e. Google) found a description of the show from what looks like a document for prospective advertisers.

He hates culinary schools, nouvelle cuisine, snooty chefs-and cilantro. Other than that, Duff Goldman loves everything about food. And it shows in Ace of Cakes, our new series featuring one of the country's most sought-after decorative bakers.

Sporting his signature goatee and armed with a blowtorch and drill saw, Duff may seem out of place in a kitchen. Until you see him cook. He operates on the outlaw fringes of the culinary world, combining skills as a sculptor, rock musician and welder for a decidedly "hard rock" approach to cooking. Our cameras enter the chaos of Duff's own bakery-staffed with fellow rockers – to watch him ace on everything from a 7-tier wedding cake to a near perfect replica of Wrigley Field, ultimately transfixing viewers with his energy and artistry.

So, as the title implies, the show will focus on desserts. We can add “Ace” to the nearly-unwatchable “Sugar Rush,” that baking competition where they have to carry the cake up and down stairs and “Sweet Dreams,” which I didn’t know was even on the network (seriously…when is this on?). In other words, they could use a decent dessert show.

We’ll take a closer look as the debut approaches. I’m going to reserve judgment for now, but I’m not so sure about yet another bad-boy chef thing. We’ve seen that before. And I don’t know that having him bake a cake will make it interesting enough.



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