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On the Internet, Blogs and Food Television
Saturday, July 29, 2006 | posted by Mike

Our article about Alton Brown earlier today got me thinking.

The story of Alton’s “discovery” is a great one. His Guideposts article tells the story of how he went from cinematographer to Food Network star thanks to a self-produced demo which aired on Kodak.com more than seven years ago.

There were two things that got Alton Brown his big chance: the technical know-how that came from his work behind the camera and his idea for an on-air persona and program that would someday become Good Eats. But seven years ago is a lifetime in internet-years, and the opportunities for aspiring Alton Browns may be available in a slightly different way.

The advantage held the Alton of the late 1990s was his technical ability. However, affordable digital cameras, home editing software and platforms to be seen like blogs and video hosting sites like YouTube have leveled the playing field.

Keep this in mind when you check out Genève's Kitchen, which is run by friend-of-TVFF.com Genève Stewart. She has a site where she’s able write and post photos about her cooking experiences, which look delicious. She’s also begun posting videos of cooking demonstrations, and she says she’s working on more. I think she’s already off to a great start, and I’m sure she’ll only get better. Here’s a person with a passion for food and a chance to share it with a larger audience.

But what does this mean to food entertainment? With so many talented people out there, and with the opportunity afforded by food blogs and the internet, how long until an online blogger star makes the jump to Food Network star? Or, how long until we’re watching a program (on television or foodtv.com) made up entirely of viewer-submitted segments?

My guess is that it’s only a matter of time. So, be sure to surf around, check out Genève and other food bloggers like her. You might stumble upon the next big thing.



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