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Rachael Ray Show Website Promos
Wednesday, August 09, 2006 | posted by Mike

RachaelRayShow.comWe haven’t checked in on Rachael Ray much recently. This is mostly because much of the media coverage has abated now that she’s not doing press promotion and she is now busy actually taping the shows. We are only a little more than a month away from the big debut, and they're making sure they have plenty of pre-taped segments in the can for when the show airs.

But this doesn’t mean that Rachael’s people aren’t hard at work promoting the upcoming show. It seems that one way that they’re doing it is by trying to “syndicate” the promotional materials from the show. Specifically, the websites of a number of local stations which will be carrying the show have incorporated content and artwork about the show, including the trademark orange color. KMBC in Kansas City features a grilled flank steak recipe and WPVI in Philadelphia includes the station’s logo along with a link to the RachaelRayShow.com website. The fact that the local sites are promoting it so actively tells you they have high hopes for the show. And this is a good thing from RR's perspective, because it reinforces the "brand" that she is creating for the show. Very smart...very Oprah-like.

Speaking of her site, I have to say that RachaelRayShow.com is pretty well designed. It does a very good job of using Flash and it includes a full listing of all stations, so you can check out where the program will be playing in your market. It also has a call for submissions (videos and artwork) and a list of “stories” you can share with Rachael, presumably to be booked for an appearance. The list gives a bit of a preview of what the show will be like. I think you can pretty much determine if you’ll be a fan by perusing the list, which includes:



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