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Is Gordon Ramsay Bringing Back the Wellington?
Thursday, August 03, 2006 | posted by Mike

The Hartford Courant (which, coincidentally, is the new flavor from Absolut), has an article today about the renewed popularity of Beef Wellington at a number of local restaurants. This includes the return of the traditional tenderloin/paté/mushroom version as well as slightly different takes on the dish, such as an appetizer version called “Beef Wellington Bites.”

So, who gets the credit for saving Wellington from the world of “old people” ordering from a “country-club menu?” The Courant thinks that TV chef Gordon Ramsay has something to do with it. As regular viewers of “Hell’s Kitchen” know, when he’s not screaming for the “bloody risotto,” Gordon can be heard berating his trainees for screwing up the Wellington.

A quick note to home chefs: As we found out in episode 205 of “Hell’s Kitchen,” covering your overcooked Wellington in extra sauce will not fix anything.

What other food trends have been started by TV chefs? If you can think of one, share it with everyone in the comments below!



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