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UPDATE: Anthony Bourdain is Safe, Sound and Pissed-Off
Friday, July 21, 2006 | posted by Mike

You will be happy to hear that maverick chef and world traveler Anthony Bourdain has been safely evacuated from Lebanon by the United States military.

The Reuters wire story caught up with Bourdain aboard the USS Nashville. The interview makes it clear that he was upset on a few levels with the way things have gone over the past few days.

Bourdain had apparently developed significant affection for the Lebanese people and for the city of Beirut, which he had said was quite cosmopolitan and international. He is "very angry and very frustrated" by the destruction caused by the conflict and by the less-than-efficient evacuation process, which he deemed "like a Metallica concert gone horribly wrong."

It will be interesting to see how Bourdain addresses this experience during the next season of "No Reservations."



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