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Who’s Missing?
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 | posted by Mike

AskMen.com weighed in recently with a list of Six Influential Celebrity Chefs. And -- not surprisingly -- TV food personalities factored heavily in their list.

(As an aside…who makes a list of six? Five, ten, twenty, twenty five -- fine…but six?)

Batali, Oliver, Flay, Bourdain and Ramsay (with the universally-revered but less-televised Paul Bocuse rounding out the group) are all men who are both active in the restaurant industry and prominent figures in food entertainment.

The article actually does a pretty good job of capturing the appeal of each of the men, and the descriptions are obviously geared toward the non-foodie reader.

Now, AskMen.com is not a high-brow culinary critic, and they’re probably not above going with choosing someone for “name value.”


If this list came out even just a year or two ago, is there any way it would leave out Emeril Lagasse? Restaurant empire, numerous prime-time Food Network Shows, toothpaste commercials and a line “everyday-priced” kitchen equipment…and yet he’s not on the list. And they’re probably right.

What happened?

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