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Gordon Ramsay’s New Show on...LOGO?
Monday, September 18, 2006 | posted by Mike

Gordon RamsayHappy Ray-Ray-Day®. You all know you are legally and contractually bound to watch today’s premier of Rachael Ray. I’ve run out of things to say on the topic.

One thing that I’ll never run out of is a steady stream of sensationalized articles from the British press about Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay. I could probably start a separate blog tracking down stories about Nigella’s tan and Jamie’s fat suit.

Today’s entry from the Daily Record (“Number One for Scottish Sport”), “Ramsay Fighting the Flab,” seeks to put Gordo’s fans (both female and male) at ease with the knowledge that the foul-tempered chef is working hard to get his body back into shape.

In order to live a long and healthy life? To be able to stay in shape and teach his kids how to be a pro footballer like their dad?

Heavens no! So he can take his shirt off on his show.
Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay has vowed to get himself back in shape for his hit show - in order to please his gay fans.

The former Rangers player has become as famous for baring his body as he is for his cooking after he began stripping off during the opening credits of the F-Word.

But Ramsay, who's now started to fight the flab, insists he won't be taking off his chef whites until he is back in tip-top shape.

"It's hard to keep the weight off as you get older but I will, if only to keep all my gay fans happy."
See…two seasons of taping Hell’s Kitchen in Los Angeles and he’s already “Hollywood.”



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