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More Duff
Thursday, September 14, 2006 | posted by Mike

No, not that kind of Duff…

Bob Tuschman (yes, the guy from Next Food Network Star) is a busy fellow these days. He was quoted quite a bit in the article we mentioned yesterday, and today he’s bringing us news in the Baltimore Sun about gonzo-baker Duff Goldman’s Ace of Cakes getting picked up for a second season. According to the article, “The cable channel has ordered 13 more episodes for a second season to begin in January.”

Food Network, always eager to build a new “franchise” in the mold of Rachael Ray, is obviously quite pleased with Duff’s performance so far. The show debuted to an audience of 1.7 million and viewership has continued to be strong, with the show among the network’s weekly top five programs. According to Tuschman:
"It's been a hit right out of the gate for us," said Bob Tuschman, senior vice president of programming for the Food Network. "Everybody in the shop, including Duff, are artists who also happen to be offbeat and funny, and you get behind the scenes in the world of very high-end cake creation. Whether you're a foodie or not, it's just a great world to be a part of."
The rest of the article doesn’t contain a whole lot of new info. Odd, because you would think that the Baltimore media have already covered the basics quite extensively already.

Word of the renewal will be welcome news to fans of Goldman, and especially good news to rabid devotees of Charm City Cakes office manager Mary Alice.



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