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Friday Happy Fun Time – 9/15/06
Friday, September 15, 2006 | posted by Mike

Happy Friday, everyone, and thanks for another fantastic week of traffic. Since we now have a new bunch of “regulars” on the site, I’m going to ask you all again to be sure to mention TVFoodFan.com to a friend, family member or some random person on the street.

Now it is time for a little bit of fun with Rachael Ray, who will be launching her talk show (officially titled Rachael Ray) on Monday after so much promotion and fanfare. I have a feeling that Madeline over at Everything Rachael Ray is probably ready to explode with anticipation. Of course, some of you are slightly less enthusiastic about Rachael getting more screen time.

Well, regardless of how you feel about Ms. Ray, the clip below will probably reinforce your opinion. It features bloopers from the taping of promotional messages for local airings of her show, and it is Ray-Ray at her goofy, giggly best. If that’s your thing, you’ll probably get a kick out of it. If it’s not your thing, well…you have probably already decided that Rachael Ray is not for you.



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